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The Dead Wrestler Elegies
Curbside Splendor 2014

"These elegies and illustrations by Asian American poet W. Todd Kaneko cover themes of loss, love, regret, redemption, and remorse. Kaneko's poems and illustrations blend Charles Bukowski's raw-boned verse and Randy "Macho Man" Savage's devastating elbow drop to mine the history of professional wrestling and examine complex relationships between fathers and sons."

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Poetry: A Writers' Guide
and Anthology

Bloomsbury Academic 2018

Poetry: A Writers' Guide and Anthology is a complete introduction to the art and craft of writing poetry. The authors map out more than 25 key elements of poetry including image, lyric, point of view, metaphor, and movement and use these elements as starting points for discussion questions and writing prompts. The book guides the reader through a range of poetic modes. Poetry also offers inspiring examples of contemporary poetry covering all the modes and elements discussed by the book.

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Selected Works Online


"Metalhead on the Dance Floor," "Death to Metalhead," and "Metalhead and All the Water." Gulf Coast.

"B-Movie (Noir)." Monkeybicycle.

"B-Movie (Killers)," "B-Movie (Werewolf)," and "B-Movie (Dr. Murder)." Entropy.

"Metalhead's Guitar Lessons." SmokeLong Quarterly.

"Metalhead Bangs His Head." "Metalhead Outside the 7-Eleven," and "Metalhead is Born." Threadcount.

"Metalhead's Heart" and "Metalhead's Pledge." New South.

"Metalhead's Curfew." Corium.

"Metalhead's Miracle," "Metalhead's Last Day of School," and "Metalhead After the Party." The Mondegreen.

"Metalhead Rock City." FreezeRay.

"B-Movie (Kung Fu)," Cheap Pop.

"B-Movies (Aliens, Clowns, Computers, Zombies)," Paper Darts.

"B-Movie (Lucha Vampire)." The Pedestal Magazine.

"Halloween, 1982." Passages North.

"The Loveless Story." Word Riot.
• Reprinted in Vietnamese at TienVe.org. Web.

"Animal Control." Fugue.


"The Order of Elimination." Barrelhouse.

"[Poetry] & [Professional Wrestling]." Superstition Review Blog.


"Where the Sky Meets the Earth." Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day.

"My Father on the Telephone," "My Father on the Island," "The Day After," "Funeral Song," and "Elegy for Absent Fathers." Superstition Review.

"Let's Go Crazy." Barrelhouse.

"Enter Sandman." The Rumpus.

"Mae Young Has Always Been the Heel." The Normal School.

"The Pentagram's Discovery." The Margins.

"Teenage Wasteland." Ilanot Review.

"Understanding Heavy Metal." Four Way Review.

"All a Boy Needs" and "Kids in the Mosh." DMQ Review.

"National Anthem." Rise Up Review.

"Self-Portrait as Flash Gordon [1935 Radio Subtext Variant]." Poemeleon.

"Mae Young Has Always Been the Heel." The Normal School.

"Train Wreck." Sweet: A Literary Confection.

"The Pentagram's Discovery." The Margins.

"Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Motion Picture, 1980]," "Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Motion Picture Soundtrack]," "Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Hawkman Variant]," "Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Comic Strip in Five Panels, c. 1937"] and "Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Serialized Remix, 1936]." [PANK].

"Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Atari 2600 Video Game Adaptation]," "Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Commodore 64 Video Game Adaptation]," and "Self Portrait as Flash Gordon [Bally Pinball Squawk & Talk Isolation]." Cartridge Lit.

"Flowers for Adrian Adonis," "Playboy Buddy Rose Knows How Much He Weighs" and "That Night the Fabulous Moolah Lost Her Championship." Paper Darts.

"A Box for Yokozuna," A Man Is Not an Earthquake," "Paul Bearer Says We Are Not Alone," "The Toughest Man in the Valley of Death," and "You Cannot Stand Before Giant Baba." Waxwing.

"Crusher Blackwell Says There's Something You Should See." the museum of americana.

"This Is a Test" and "Where There's Blood, There's Freddie Blassie." Eleven Eleven.

"How I Know Stanislaus Zbyszko," "Judy Grable Makes a Living," and "June Byers Knows What a Woman Wants." Menacing Hedge.

"Big John Studd Lost the Bodyslam Challenge," "Men Like the British Bulldog" and "Here Lies Hercules Hernandez." Sundog Lit Games Issue.

"Quarry." 99 Poems for the 99 Percent.

"Slash Plays the National Anthem." The Fiddleback.

"The Night Watchman." Drunken Boat.

"Chief Jay Strongbow Knows All About the Sleeper Hold." Boxcar Poetry Review.

"A House Can Also Be a Cage," "A House Can Be Made of Bone Too," and "A House Can Be Made of Water Too." Thrush Poetry Journal.

"Bronko Nagurski Beat Lou Thesz That Night," "It All Started With Strangler Lewis." and "Killer Kowalski and the Cauliflower Ear." Cobalt Review.

"Reading Comprehension 44: Woodsmen." The Michigan Poet.

"Fimbulwinter" and "The Last Day of Creation." DMQ Review.

"Elegy for Witches," "They Say This Is How the Ogres Lived." and " They Say This Is How the Ogre Lost His Heart." The Bakery.

"They Say This is How the Heart Works." Kartika Review.

"Macho Man's Last Elbow Drop" and "Miss Elizabeth Said 'Oh Yeah.'" The Collagist.

"Different Kinds of Trees" and "We Sleep Like Horses." Sweet.

"Reading Comprehension 12: The Crane Wife." and "Reading Comprehension 30: Peach Boy." Baltimore Review.

"Remembering Minidoka." Los Angeles Review.

"Reading Comprehension 23: Action Figures" and "Reading Comprehension 666: The Hungry Ghosts." Word Riot.

Northwest Poem.” Lantern Review.

FortySuperstition Review.

"Moving Day" and "This Is the Brain." Blackbird.



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