W. Todd Kaneko is from Seattle, Washington. His poetry, fiction and non-fiction can be seen in Bellingham Review, Los Angeles Review, Southeast Review, Lantern Review, NANO Fiction, The Collagist, Blackbird, The Huffington Post, Song of the Owashtanong: Grand Rapids Poetry in the 21st Century, Bring the Noise: The Best Pop Culture Essays from Barrelhouse Magazine and elsewhere. He took his MFA in Creative Writing from Arizona State University and has received fellowships from the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop and Kundiman. He is an associate editor for DMQ Review. Currently, he teaches in the Department of Writing at Grand Valley State University. He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the writer Caitlin Horrocks.

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Contact him at Todd [dot] Kaneko [at] gmail [dot] com.


Astrology: Aquarius
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 163 lbs
Corrective lenses
Organ donor
Tattoos: none.
Elementary schools attended: 3.
Junior high Schools: 3
High schools: 1
Classes failed: 4
Phone lines severed: 1
Fires started: 1
Misdemeanors committed: 1
People ruined: at least 1
Fistfights: 2
Punches thrown: 1
School suspensions: 2
Expulsions: none
Cars owned: 6
Cars driven: 19
Motorcycles ridden: 0.5
Apartments rented: 8
Houses rented: 6
Houses Owned: 0.5
Roommates: 9
Wedding invitations received: 31
Weddings attended: 24
Bachelor parties attended: 5
Baby showers attended: 2
Funerals attended: 4
Deaths witnessed: 1
Babies held: 4
Babies fathered: none
Childhood crushes: 11
Adult crushes: innumerable
Kisses remembered: 8
Kisses regretted: 2
Strip clubs attended: 14
Valentines from non-family: 8
Fallen in love, Literally-at least 2
Fallen in love, Figuratively-innumerable
True loves: 1
Adversarial encounters with police: 5
Speeding tickets: 9
Canoe trips on acid: 3
Fake corpses found: 1
Spiritual visitations: 1
Encounters with Satan: 2
Dominatrices met: 3
Speeding tickets: 6
Car accidents: 7
Vehicles totaled: 3
Biking accidents: 4
Staple-Gun accidents: 2
Skiing accidents: 1
Really bad kitchen knife accidents: 1
Ouija board mishaps: 2
Jobs held: 12
Relatives worked for: 2
Times fired: 2
Times deserved to be fired: innumerable
Number of cocktails mixed in under seven minutes: 12
Rock bands: 3
Band names: 6
Concert tours: 1
Guitars owned: 9
Guitars broken: 3
Guitars broken intentionally: 1
Schools taught at: 4
Childhood dream jobs: doctor, rock star, professional wrestler, super-hero, bullfrog
Dream jobs now: super-hero.


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