AN ANSWER KEY: William • Japanese-American and Chinese-American, Canadian • 69 • Since I was fifteen • I only miss it in Winter • No, I do not speak that language • Only when I am being chased • That isn't done yet • It's when the body falls asleep before the brain • I wasted a lot of it playing video games • Yes, I am allergic • No, but I have a tee-ball bat • The Death Star, unquestionably • Gary Payton • Pork • Motörhead • 2003 Dodge Neon • Guitar, but really bass guitar • Yes, I know it's fake • Yes, but only the original—not NY or Miami • The egg because it does not believe in exclusivity • Exile on Main Street, of course • Son of Gold, or Money Child • The Hulk because he doesn't follow a code of conduct • Elvis Presley • Birds • It started as a joke, but it became real at some point • I always say Tyrannosaurus Rex, but I'm really thinking Triceratops • Orange, at the moment • Telekinesis • The day after Valentine's Day • The Rock • Interrupting cow


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